Are You An Elementary Teacher?

Tour the Learn Jelly Platform, and give us your feedback.

This tour is designed to provide an exclusive peek at what we are building, and an opportunity for us to receive feedback, good or bad. Before beginning the tour, remember the following:

How will the platform help my students?

The platform is designed to help elementary students learn content areas, and improve their reading comprehension and 21st century skills.

What pedagogy and teaching methodologies does the platform deploy?

The platform laminates storytelling, art and computer science into a project-based learning experience that improves students comprehension and 21st century skills through visualization and retelling activities.

How do I have the best tour experience?

Access the tour from your PC or Mac computer. Any other device will cause you unnecessary life frustration.

Do I need an account to tour the platform?

Nope! There is no password or username required to login into the student or admin section of the platform. Just press the "Go" button.

How do I navigate the tour?

Joshua is your guy! When you enter the student section, select him as your best friend. Once selected, Joshua will navigate you through the tutorial sections. Not all areas of the platform demo are active. Click your curser anywhere on the screen to activate blue beacons (see image below) that will inform you which areas are active.


Hi! I'm Joshua.

Fill out my online form.
Use Learn Jelly, Inc Demo Feedback Form.

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